T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors offer integrated Design/Build services for new build, energy improvement, retrofit and maintenance of mechanical systems. Choosing the right delivery system, procurement method and project team are among the most important decisions an owner must make for a new project. T.H. Eifert's leadership and experience help facility owners and managers make informed decisions in key areas that bring success to the project.

Design/Build management is the application of techniques to reduce time and cost while enhancing quality. Design-build is a form of construction management that merges the historical design, bid, and then build process. T.H. Eifert is a proven Design/Build leader who can add significant value to your design.

Are you looking for a partnership for life that can enable your business? T.H. Eifert Mechanical Contractors have a proven track record of designing, building and maintaining facilities that enable business growth and efficiency.

Why Choose Design/Build?

  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Enhances Flexibility
  • Enhances Collaboration